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Chi Kung (Qigong: Eastern pronunciation and spelling) is an ancient Chinese practice dating back over 4000 years and loosely translated means energy (Chi) cultivation (gong).

Through mind, breathing and postures either moving or static these exercises help in the prevention and treatment of disease and aid in a longer healthier life. Chi Kung cultivates intrinsic energy (genuine Chi) found in all humans. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) looks at Genuine Chi as a dynamic force that empowers all vital functions of the body.

There are many different forms/styles of Chi Kung practiced with their own specific results. These exercises are chosen to meet the specific needs and conditions of the person practicing.

When a style or exercise has been chosen two aspects must be taken into consideration. The improvement of the whole body and the treatment of the ailment i.e. Static or Dynamic Chi Kung.

Sifu Mannie Bartz, Chi KungSifu Mannie Bartz Chi Kung
Sifu Mannie demonstrating Chi Kung during
the Alchemy Health & Fitness Centre open day 2008.

It is excellent for improving the general health of the practitioner. It helps to open Chi channels in the body stimulating circulation, flexibility and improving Chi flow. It helps high/low blood pressure, stress, chronic pain and more by exercising and breathing in a specific manner. Chi Kung helps in the removal of blockages from the mind and body.

In 1955 a Chi Kung hospital was established in Tang Shan for the research and development of Medical Chi Kung as a science. Chi Kung practice and further studies are becoming commonplace throughout China and are now entering a period of vigorous development.

"Running water never turns stale"

These exercises are not only for the person who is sickly but also for those that want to maintain good health and for healers who want to increase their Chi (Chi) levels.

Student Testimonials

My name is Teresa Kenning. I am 67 years old and have been practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung for three years. I would like to share my experience of Tai Chi and Chi Kung practice. This knowledge has improved my quality of life especially my mindset. I find that I am more relaxed and I can look at life in a more positive way. The breathing is one of the reasons for the relaxation but in general what I have learned has been invaluable and has been a big positive in my life.
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