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Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan: Eastern pronunciation and spelling) is a Martial Art, a form of Moving Meditation and Exercise, which has been practiced in China for thousands of years, based on continuous flowing movements. The movements and exercise are performed in slow motion and coordinated with deep diaphragmatic breathing.

Visually it resembles an effortless dance, but in reality every movement is precise and is performed with internal strength. Through the practice of the art one seems to harmonize internal energy with outer movement (Yin and Yang) to promote a balance between body, mind and soul.

Tai Chi class at the Emmerentia Dam
Saturday morning class at Emmerentia Dam, Johannesburg.

Although Tai Chi Chuan�s benefits are numerous it is best known for its Relaxing and Calming effects. Its movement sooth tired and tense muscles and overstressed nerves of modern day living.

As a healing Art it is widely used by Chinese doctors to treat many different ailments. Because of its preventative and therapeutic properties, it is common practice for Chinese doctors to prescribe Tai Chi Chuan as part of the treatment for ailing and convalescing patients. In fact many Chinese doctors are Tai Chi Chuan practitioners themselves. Tai Chi Chuan is suitable for all ages to cultivate body, mind and soul. It tones, strengthens and heals.

As a Martial Art, it is a very effective fighting art with its many techniques and beautiful circular hand movements and precise footwork. There are many different styles and forms of Tai Chi Chuan. An art handed down by Grand Masters from generation to generation.

Start learning a gift that you can practice every day for the rest of your life. For more information about the magical art of Tai Chi visit Sifu Manni's website Tai Chi Sifu.

Tai Chi class with Sifu Mannie
Class at Alchemy Health & Fitness Centre, Blackheath

Student Testimonials

My name is Anton Van Niekerk and I�ve been practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung for about three years. I find it most stimulating in the sense of my personal inner experience and thus bringing with it harmony and balance. On a physical level, my posture and breathing has improved immensely! I feel more positive and more aware of my surroundings.

My name is Grant Kenning. The most important benefit I derive from Taiji and Qigong is that it plays a major role in helping me manage stress. Attending class is the time I escape from all the pressures and worries of modern life and I always leave relaxed and revitalized. The other benefits however are many: ranging from improved concentration to greater self-confidence. Additionally, there are all the physical and mental benefits of exercise. Although the movements to the observer may appear slow and gentle, participating in a class will prove to be a good workout, but at the same time not leave you totally exhausted. As an educator I encourage parents to let their children attend classes as I believe that it will have far-reaching benefits. These include improved body-awareness, the development of perseverance and self-confidence and very importantly the ability to focus and concentrate to a higher degree.

My name is Angelike, I�m 55 years old and I�ve been practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung for some years now. I suffered from a slipped disk and a pinched sciatica nerve but refused to be operated on, instead I chose to practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung and I have found that it has relieved the problem. It also keeps me fit, relaxed, focused and my concentration and coordination has definitely improved. My outlook to life is a lot more positive. Thank you Sifu Mannie

World Tai Chi Day 2009 - Brightwater Commons
World Tai Chi Day 2009 at the Brightwater Commons in Randburg, South Africa
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Healing Arts - Tai Chi Chuan