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Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung for Kids

My many years of training and teaching have made it possible for me to work with people of all ages, including our young ones. Children adapt to my programme easily as most of the names of the movements are related to animals and their movements making it understandable and fun to do.

The best time to begin the programme is at age six to seven (6-7) when their study and learning skills are at an early development stage.

Who Should Do Tai Chi Chuan And Chi Kung And Why?

People of all ages should, if possible, do some form of exercise which combines body and mind awareness. Tai Chi and Chi Kung combine the art of movement and breath co-ordination, done mindfully for general health, wellbeing and martial-art benefits, helping to strengthen body, mind and spirit. The ancient art of natural movement strengthens and tones muscles, ligaments and bones, balances energies in the body and strengthens internal organs. Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung also help to reduce pain in the body.

Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung have been used and practiced in China for thousands of years. They build character, patience and tolerance towards all living things, co-ordinate hand and foot movements, and assist the mind to focus and concentrate which will in turn improve school work and grades.

My Tai Chi and Chi Kung program will encourage children to exercise and take part in other school activities. It will also reduce the risk of injury as part of the program is devoted to correct breathing, posture, and awareness of stepping, walking and running to avoid falls.

Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung help people of all ages to relax and reduce tension giving them the ability to redirect their anger, frustration, anxiety and depression in a more positive and fulfilling outlet. Children suffering from ADD and ADHD have shown marked improvement. Let us not forget that the Chinese have been practicing this art for thousands of years.

As a Martial Art skill it will also build self esteem and confidence, encouraging children to be responsible human beings. Participants will benefit from this program for the rest of their lives.

There are many forms (styles) of Tai Chi and Chi Kung that have been handed down from generation to generation by the great masters which are still practiced around the world. It is a never ending journey of discovery to better oneself and reduce the negative effects of ageing.

Tai Chi has been called Meditation in Motion or Medication in Motion. Tai Chi Chuan, with its slow circular movements, resembles a slow dance but in reality all parts of the body are in continuous motion from beginning to end. The benefit is derived from the continuous flow of Chi Energy (vital energy, life force moving through the body). The ancient theory and philosophy of Yin and Yang are not forgotten in any of the movements. Hard/soft, high/low, left/right, slow/fast, internal/external which improves focus and concentration of body, mind and breath awareness.

Correct breathing relaxes the body, increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain and body which nourishes every cell of our being, and as we move from one movement to another, loosens areas of tension so that life force energy can flow freely through our bodies.

Other benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung are the reduction of high blood pressure, improved immune system, improved stamina, reduced fatigue and sleep disorders, and aiding balance and stability. I could go on and on. There is a mountain of medical benefits available on the subject.

My program also works for people with special needs so with a slight modification they too can enjoy the benefits from its many wonderful results.

Talk to your children, their teachers and doctors about starting them off on a program of Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung.
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