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Tai Chi and Chi Kung – The ideal pregnancy workout.

Doctors and fitness coaches all agree that a moderate exercise program is beneficial for both moms and babies.

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese art of slow, circular, non-impact exercise that dates back thousands of years. Practiced for relaxation, fitness, strength and the feeling of wellbeing, it is now popular amongst expecting mothers all around the world.

Pregnancy is a time when you should listen to your body and how you really feel, as well as getting in touch with who you really are, but do you have the time? You need to make time now for your health and the health of the baby.

So if you feel that you can’t cope with the pounding of aerobics but still want to look and feel great, now is the time to start Tai Chi, a non-impact, gentle martial art workout with many benefits. Offering mind, body and breath awareness, Tai Chi will keep you stimulated, fit, healthy and happy.

Whether you have always been active in exercise and sport or you are overweight, unfit and feel uncomfortable, or you want to stay active and healthy during your pregnancy this is the time to start Tai Chi. Ask people why they do Tai Chi and they will tell you because it makes them feel good.

I have been teaching this gentle non impact martial art for more than 30 years and have worked with and trained people with special needs. I am sure you won’t regret starting a Tai Chi program.

Benefits of practicing Tai Chi

Some of the benefits of practicing Tai Chi include:

Deep breathing; release of stress, anxiety and depression; relief from backache; improved strength and flexibility; improved blood circulation and oxygenation to both mom and baby; improved posture and balance which reduces the risk of falling; improved concentration and co-ordination; lower blood pressure; improved cardiac health (the world’s number 1 cause of death); develops a deep state of relaxation; alleviation of swollen hands and feet; relief from water retention; increased leg and arm strength; increased Chi in the body (life force energy)

The gentle circular movements tone and strengthen the body without strain; deep breathing will assist in labor etc.

No expensive clothing or equipment is needed. Feel inwardly peaceful. In a typical Tai Chi and Chi Kung class you will start with Chi Kung and meditation and will be taught how to breathe properly and co-ordinate your breath to movement. This alone will assist you later during labor. Chi Kung builds strength and confidence, and offers a way (path) to get in touch with who you are. It is divided into two groups, moving and static, both with many wonderful benefits which you will learn in class.

If you are interested in keeping fit, getting stronger and want to join an excellent wellness program, don’t hesitate - Start Today!

Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung for Body, Mind and Spirit.

Always consult your doctor or health practitioner before starting any exercise program and always inform the Tai Chi teacher that you are pregnant.

You can do Tai Chi and Chi Kung at any stage of your pregnancy.
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